HelpLine:970-945-4439 or 970-285-0209

Our Services

24-Hour Help Line – 945-4439 & 285-0209

Staffed by volunteer advocates, the 24-Hour Help Line offers crisis intervention, counseling, emotional support, advocacy, information and referrals by telephone, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Safehouse Program

The goals of the Safehouse Program are to provide a safe environment for each resident, to increase self-reliance of the resident, to develop viable plans for violence-free family life, to practice independent living skills, and to begin the healing process through counseling. The length of stay varies, but the maximum stay is up to six weeks.


Outreach Program

The Outreach (non-residential) Program offers services for individuals in the community. Support and advocacy are available in obtaining other resources in the community. In addition, the Outreach Program currently offers a weekly support group for women in Glenwood Springs and Rifle. Free childcare is provided during these support groups. Individual counseling is offered to survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence as well.  


Latina Outreach Program

The Latina Outreach Program provides education to the Latino community regarding domestic and sexual violence. This program also provides advocacy, case management and counseling to Latino survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 


Community Awareness and Education Program

The Community Awareness and Education Program seeks to inform and educate members of the community on the issues of domestic and sexual violence in an effort to eliminate violence and assure an effective and coordinated community response to the problem. These presentations/trainings are for schools, professionals and community groups throughout Garfield County. The topics focus on Healthy Relationships and cover other areas such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Date Rape, Family Violence, Hurtful Fighting, Sexual Harassment, and ASP Services depending upon the age appropriateness of the group.



Volunteer Advocate Program

The Advocate Safehouse Project has had the Volunteer Advocate Program since its inception. The volunteer advocates cover the 24-hour Help Line 365 days a year. Before a volunteer advocate is able to provide services to clients, they must complete the 30 hour training on domestic violence, crisis intervention, listening skills, community resources, advocacy, ASP policy and procedures. Volunteer advocates offer crisis intervention; counseling; safehousing, including emergency transportation, food, clothing, and personal supplies; advocacy and support; and information and referrals as appropriate. During 2007, the Volunteer Advocate Program provided the agency with approximately 8,700 hours of service which gave the agency. Additionally, the Advocate Safehouse Project has the Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team (SACIT) which are volunteer advocates who are trained an additional 12 hours on sexual assault.

Advocate Safehouse Project